Our Story

"before you can give yourself to someone else, you need to know what you stand for."

-Mindy Kaling

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the "why"

There used to be one plastic-free toothbrush company, one organic cotton t-shirt company. Now, googling "organic cotton t-shirt," yields over 67 million results. The choices presented when transitioning to an ethical lifestyle can easily become overwhelming.

Enter: Joon + Co., experts in ethical fashion, sustainable living, the minimalist movement, and serious about never having to sacrifice style for ethics or vise versa.

When I launched Joon + Co., I was trying to be everything: entrepreneur, mother, wife, fashion blogger, social and planet justice warrior, etc...and I completely burnt out, anxiety attacks and all. Then fortunately, I had no other choice but to learn the benefits of slowing down.

It wasn't easy to reach where I'm at today, so I want to help others live stylishly, more consciously, and more intentionally without having to hit the hard and drastic wall that I did.

the "who"

I am here for those who want to live an ethical life of style and purpose. Joon + Co. exists for those who care about doing good without sacrificing aesthetics; those who aren't sure where to start, or don't have the time to research.

The conscious consumer industry has become a mess of unchecked information masked by greenwashing and highly-filtered social media feeds. I provide the products you can be proud to wear and resources for living stylishly and intentionally without needing a luxury budget, giving you time to slow down, be present, and focus on what's important.

the "how"

Living intentionally doesn't mean following the latest sustainability trends or buying the hottest capsule wardrobe. It means knowing yourself, accepting limitations, and being mindful of your internal dialogue. It means taking steps toward the life you want and the impact that you wish to have. It means having the drive to take action along side the grace to embrace failure. It's giving yourself permission to live simply without abandoning your passions. It's mindful choices over more things and authenticity over other's expectations.

Through our social media feeds, newsletter, and Journal we provide articles and guides focused on what's possible through intentional living.

While our store remains open, we're currently experimenting with innovative new selling models that challenge the traditional retail model, drastically cut down on the amount of product, supply chain, and packaging waste.



Joon + Co. Our Story - Journey - The Dream

The Dream

To show the world you can live stylishly and ethically. While the ways to achieve this can vary, the intention holds true. A world where style isn't sacrificed for ethics and vise versa is not only possible, its time to flourish is now.

Joon + Co. Our Story - Journey - The Evolution

The Evolution

We have evolved from a shop to an intentional living resource. We're still a store, but the focus has shifted from profit margins to intentionality, without which, true style can't exist.

Joon + Co. Our Story - Journey - The Future

The Future

Not only are articles, guides, and a glossary in the works, we're in the early phases of a new, low-waste, retail model. Home goods, made-to-order, and custom pieces are being considered as well. The future is looking bright.