Our Story

Our Vision

Joon + Co. is where modern style meets ethical fashion. Every single item we sell has been thoroughly vetted and meets the appropriate criteria to be considered ethically sourced and socially responsible. We work with vendors and designers who value community, environment, quality, and of course style. While there is an over-abundance of fashionable online retailers, as well as an ever-growing specialized, ethical, corner of the market, there isn't much overlap. We aren't just t-shirts and jeans, we aren't just eco-friendly, we are more, we are Joon + Co.

Our goal is to give our customers a curated collection of women's wear that is responsibly sourced all the way down the ladder, from conception to the final sale. These items must not only meet our strict criteria, but must align with current style trends, high end quality and design standards, and have a unique fit into our collections. 

We sell very limited quantities of small seasonal and classic collections in order to minimize waste and increase style variety and turnover. When it comes to our items' aesthetic, construction, and integrity, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with only the most exceptional quality.

We believe in quality over quantity, and we realize how important transparency is to our customers, so we make a point to relay where an item comes from, how it's made, who made it, etc. Communicating the story behind the items our customer's purchase is a vital part of our existence as a business and as an ethical fashion retailer.

Our Standards

There is more to ethical and socially responsible shopping than fair trade or sustainable processes. Giving back to the community, keeping production local and the ethical treatment of animals are also top concerns of ours. Below are some of the criteria we use to select products and product lines for the shop. 

Vegan Leaf Icon 

Vegan / Animal Friendly

We invest in the welfare of animals as much as people. Items fitting this category must be either fur, skin, and animal by-product free, or consist of animal products that were sourced from food, never for their skin, fur, etc.

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Fair Trade / Transparent Pricing

These items must be made with fair trade practices or publicly provide their pricing structure per item, ensuring the proper and fair treatment and wages of employees from design and manufacturing up through the entire supply chain.

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Community / Diversity

Companies that give back to their communities, whether they be a medical community looking for a cure, a tiny village in Africa, or diversifying the technology industry, are welcome suppliers to our shop.

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Recycling and re-purposing goods as well as using sustainable, earth-friendly materials are all great sustainability practices we look for. Organic cotton, linen, and other fabrics are also things we look for.

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While we work with many companies whose production is overseas, we also value those who keep their design, manufacturing, and/or distribution local to support our local economy.

 Our Founder

Becky VandenBout, founder of Joon + Co. lives in the beautiful mitten state with her family. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering and a background in web development and controls engineering. She has always been a die-hard fashion girl at heart with over a decade of professional experience in the technology and programming industries. Since a very young age, her passion has always lied in the style industry, and when the time was right, she left her full time job to pursue her dream of running her own fashion shop, raising a family, and writing a style blog.

Since realizing the gap in the fashion industry between modern, high end goods and ethical production or these goods, she focused her energy on providing an shop dedicated to doing just that: providing its customers with a beautifully curated selection of items they can feel great buying, without sacrificing style.

"Thank you so much for your interest in our company! I've always been addicted to fashion; the excitement of new (and old) trends, the rush of buying a new designer hand bag. However, the reality of it is, once you dig a bit deeper, it's not very hard to see how unethical some of these companies' practices are. It gets worse as you investigate further down the supply chain to suppliers. However, some of the most ethical retailers leave much to be desired in the way of style and quality. Joon + Co. was created to bridge that gap."

~Becky VandenBout, Founder

Sizing Chart


 Size # Size Bust (in) Waist (in) Hip (in)
XS 0-2 32-34 25-26.5 34-36
S 4-6 34.5-36 27-28.5 36.5-38.5
M 8-10 36.5-38 29-30.5 39-41
L 12-14 38.5-41 31-32.5 41.5-43.5