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Gift Guide for Ethical and Sustainable Fashion | Joon + Co. Holiday Gifts for Women

Buying gifts for that special someone (or yourself - no judgement here), isn't hard if you know where to look. We've rounded up the best responsibly made clothing, accessories, and gifts for the remarkable women in your life. Whether she's an entertainer, a book worm, a social butterfly, or a comfort-first kind of gal, we've got the gifts that will look amazing on her and are great for the planet, its people, and its animals.

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The Home Body

It's not that she doesn't love a great outing, she just adores the comforts of home. Her favorite mug, her fuzzy slippers, the blanket her mom made her as a kid, it all makes perfect sense, and it's all so comfortable. She's much rather host a game night with close friends than go out partying, and she loves to have her creature comforts within arms reach.

When curating the home body list, I simply think of what I love to wear because honestly, I could hibernate in my home most of the year. It's all just so...homey. These pieces are comfortable and snuggle-ready, but also feel luxurious to wear whether you're binge watching The Good Place or having friends and family over for the holidays.

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Gift Ideas for the Home Body | Gifts for Women, Moms, Wives

The Eco Enthusiast

Saving the planet is this woman's mission. Whether it be through our oceans, our air, our animals, it doesn't matter. From her toilet paper to her straws to her wardrobe, this eco-warrior cares about the health of this beautiful planet, and rightfully so, fights for future generations to enjoy the amazing life that the Earth has to offer.

Buying gifts for this lady is not always easy. Here's a quick cheat sheet though: Buy nothing synthetic (polyester, elastane, acrylic, etc.) and focus on natural and organic fibers like certified organic cotton, raw silk, alpaca wool, eucalytus (or Tencel or Lyocell). We only sell products that are made without sweatshops or cruelty, and almost all of our products are eco-friendly, meaning they will biodegrade, aren't made with toxic dyes or coatings, and are made from renewable and fair trade crops. Shopping for the eco-conscious isn't always easy, so we thought we'd help out.

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Gift Ideas for the Eco Conscious | Gifts for Women, Moms, Wives

The Minimalist

This classy lady is no fan of clutter. She puts much thought into what she buys, who she buys it from, and what it's made from. She's known to dress simply, with an elegant, easy, and classy style. She strives to live a conscious and intentional lifestyle and would rather put her money towards fewer better things than excess of any kind.

Finding a true, simple, minimalist style is a work in progress for every minimalist style junkie out there. By dressing in simple cuts and luxurious, sustainable fabrics, it's easier for this lady to let her light shine without the distraction of what she's wearing. Show her that you get it and you support her lifestyle by buying her something luxe to wear so she can focus on conquering her day.

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Gift Ideas for the Minimalist | Gifts for Women, Moms, Wives

The Girl on the Go

She's hard to track down these days because she's always on the go. From yoga to the office to errands to parties to who knows what else because it's tough to keep up with this busy bee. Whether she's a mom of four, a badass fem-preneur, or just a women with a lot going on right now, let her know you've got her back this holiday.

Pieces that are comfortable and wearable in multiple dress codes (think running to the office in-between errands and the vet and still trying to make happy hour with girlfriends) are what this woman needs. She doesn't have time to stop and change clothes, and has too much going on to let her wardrobe dictate her plans, so give this independent lady a hand this holiday and show her how much you care with a stylish piece she can wear anywhere.

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Gift Ideas for the Girl on the Go | Gifts for Women, Moms, Wives

The Globe Trotter

This lady is jetsetting, road tripping, and kayaking wherever her heart takes her. She's constantly on the move, so when you get a chance to hang out, it's special and fleeting. Celebrate this amazing ball of life this season by giving her something she can treasure from anywhere in the world.

We've chosen pieces that you can wear multiple ways (hello room in her suitcase), and pieces that can easily be layered or worn alone to adjust to varying climates. Did we mention that these would all be super comfy for trains, planes, and everything in-between?

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Gift Ideas for the World Traveler | Gifts for Women, Moms, Wives

The Woman Who is Always Cold

Whether she works in an ice box called an office, her significant other refuses to admit that they're warm blooded, or she's just freakin' cold all the time, no worries. These are the warmest, most durable, responsibly made pieces we could get our hands on.

Alpaca is naturally hypoallergenic, super soft, water proof, extra warm, and extremely animal friendly. Tiny little air pockets trap extra warmth inside without having to use a bulkier alternative. Easy to care for, easy to style, and the perfect companion to the woman who's always freezing.

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Gift Ideas for the Woman Who is Always Cold | Gifts for Women, Moms, Wives

The Comfort-First Kinda Gal

Whenever you see her, you just want to cuddle up to her, give her a hug...orrrr run off with her new sweater because it is seriously the softest thing you've ever laid eyes on. She values comfort, softness, and of course style, so give her something snuggly warm and cozy soft to curl up in front of the fire with this season.

Finding comfortable and stylish pieces is not always easy. Think natural fibers (cotton, wool, silk) that are breathable and soft to the touch. Synthetics feel plasticky and static cling issues are no fun, so opt for organic and all natural fibers for this comfort loving lady, and she'll be sure to appreciate your thoughtfulness.

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Gift Ideas for the Comfort First Girl | Gifts for Women, Moms, Wives

The Hostess with the Mostest

You can find her party-planning expertise on display throughout the year whether it be a bountiful birthday bash or an elegant evening affair. Let's celebrate this lady who is so great at celebrating others.

Being on your feet all night is not easy. Nor is finding something head-turning to wear that can serve as both a conversation piece as well as a style statement. She'll be thankful to have such festive pieces for the season of entertaining that can be worn way past New Years Eve.

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Gift Ideas for the Hostess | Gifts for Women, Moms, Wives

The Vegan

We all have the token vegan in our lives. No eggs, cheese, meat, etc. which is a tough way to live. Props to those who can do it. Shopping for vegans is no easy feat either whether it be food, gifts, or clothing. Sparing animals is nothing to laugh at really, it's quite a noble quest to live a life void of any animal by-products even, so here are some gift ideas to really show that vegan in your life how much you care and how much you admire their discipline.

Vegan clothing isn't really a much talked about subject. Here's the basic run down: you'll want to avoid (obvi) any leather and wool, but also silk. By going plant-based, you'll have much more luck, so look for Eucalytus (Tencel, Lyocell), certified organic cotton, Linen, Hemp, and Japanese dyed indigo or organic cotton denim....OR just shop our list here. #yourewelcome

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Gift Ideas for the Vegan | Gifts for Women, Moms, Wives
Sizing Chart


 Size # Size Bust (in) Waist (in) Hip (in)
XS 0-2 32-34 25-26.5 34-36
S 4-6 34.5-36 27-28.5 36.5-38.5
M 8-10 36.5-38 29-30.5 39-41
L 12-14 38.5-41 31-32.5 41.5-43.5

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