The 10 x 16 Winter Capsule Wardrobe

Capsule wardrobes are all the rage lately, and with good reason. Not sure what a capsule wardrobe is? Let us introduce you...but be warned, they're addicting.

A capsule wardrobe is a subset of a full wardrobe, consisting of a limited number of pieces that are restyled in several ways in order to produce a set amount of outfits or looks. For example, one of the most common capsule wardrobe types is a 10 x 10 capsule, where you use only 10 pieces to style 10 outfits. Some folks include shoes, bags, and accessories into it, and some don't.

One of the reasons that capsule wardrobes are so popular, and also super important is that they challenge you to re-think your styling in order to produce the maximum amount of put-together looks without blowing up your budget or over-stuffing your closet. Learning how to style pieces this way, flexing their appeal and versatility muscles, is such a valuable skill to have. It saves you money in a way since instead of buying 5 so-so, low-quality, low-cost pieces that will fall apart after a few wears/washes, you have the confidence and know-how to invest in a single, high quality piece that will last you decades to come. 

What we've put together is a 10 x 16 capsule wardrobe, so 10 unique pieces from our core (never out of style) collection, mixed and matched to create 16 unique, stylish, completely put-together looks. The challenge in creating a realistic capsule wardrobe is achieving the flexibility to have a wide enough variety of outfit styles that you don't have any gaps. For example, if you have an active nightlife, make sure to include a few going out looks. If you work in an office, keep the business casual pieces in rotation. If you are constantly running between picking kids up from school, yoga, and meetings, keep your active lifestyle and comfort level in mind. 

So enough chit chat, here it is. We've rounded up all 10 pieces into a shoppable collection that you can browse here.



Joon + Co. | Capsule Wardrobe | 10x16 Winter Capsule Wardrobe

We wanted to share this fun video we made, just playing around - it's nothing fancy - that shows off the 16 looks we've put together using these 10 crazy versatile pieces. We weren't going to include it because the video quality is a tad rough, and it was a bit of an experiment, but we had fun making it, and thought you might have fun watching it! Check it out!


The Base Layers

The Crop Tee
Alabama Chanin
Alabama Chanin | The Crop Tee | Joon + Co. | Women's Tops
The Rib Turtleneck
Alabama Chanin
Alabama Chanin | The Rib Turtleneck | Joon + Co. | Women's Tops
The Daze Top
KowTow | The Daze Top | Joon + Co. | Women's Tops
The Grosgrain Jumpsuit
Ali Golden
Ali Golden | The Grosgrain Jumpsuit | Joon + Co. | Women's Jumpsuits
The Odyssey Pant
KowTow | The Odyssey Pant | Joon + Co. | Women's Pants
The High Waist Pant
Ali Golden
Ali Golden | The High Waist Pant | Joon + Co. | Women's Pants
The Long Player Skirt
KowTow | The Long Player Skirt | Joon + Co. | Women's Skirts

The Cold-Weather Layers

The Wool Notch Coat
Ali Golden
Ali Golden | The Wool Notch Coat | Joon + Co. | Women's Coats
The Nazca Sweater
Nau | The Nazca Sweater | Joon + Co. | Women's Sweaters
The Cordillera Cardigan
Nau | The Cordillera Cardigan | Joon + Co. | Women's Sweaters

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