Sustainable OOTD: Make an Environmental Statement in These Eco-Conscious Comfy, Cozy Neutrals

With the temps finally dropping, sweater season is upon us. We took comfort to the extreme with this styled look containing all incredibly soft, sustainable pieces. From the Edison Poncho and Edison Wrap from Alabama Chanin in a calm, natural shade that is made from organic cotton to the Ballet Wrap Sweater and Sweater Pant set from Ali Golden made from Alpaca. One of the season's most popular and versatile colors combined with these insanely soft materials and clean, modern cuts, these pieces will be sure to fit well into any modern-day, eco-conscious woman's wardrobe.

The Design

The sweater set is something we've seen on runways this season from the 90's throwback velour option to head to toe cashmere. Our eco-friendly version comes in alpaca wool with a slightly cropped, wide, straight leg and a classic wrap style long sleeve sweater. The cuts compliment most body shapes, with the tie highlighting and slimming the waist and the simple leg shape that will look great on any shape.

The poncho and wrap are lightweight cool-weather options that can transition so easily into spring/summer due to the lightweight organic cotton used. The poncho features an asymmetrical cut and the wrap scarf is your typical wide scarf shape so its versatile enough to wear as a wrap, scarf, head-scarf, or any other version you'd like.

The Impact

Organic Cotton Vs Regular Cotton

Non-organic cotton still accounts for about half or the fiber consumption in the world, and with hybridization (an intensive land management process and use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers is used to maximize the output of cotton farming), the environmental impact is significant. 

Organic cotton, however, is grown without the use of pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, swage sludge, irradiation or genetic engineering, and must be certified by an accredited independent organization. Instead of these toxic chemicals, organic farmers use beneficial insects, crop rotation, compost, cover crops and weed by hand or machine in order to build soil quality, enhance biodiversity and protect the air and water on which we depend.

While it's a bit more expensive, the process of moving organic cotton from seed to fabric is an intricate process, but well worth the money in terms of eco-consciousness. And trust us, if you've never owned anything made of organic cotton, the softness alone is well worth the price tag.

What is Alpaca Wool, "The Fiber of the Gods" ?

Incan royalty called Alpaca wool the "Fiber of the Gods" because it truly is as versatile as it is beautiful. Alpaca wool is almost entirely waterproof, has a naturally silky feel, and is much more light-weight than other common wools used in garment production. It's also quite a bit warmer than other wools because it is what's called a hollow fiber, meaning there's little air pockets that trap heat. Another huge benefit of buying alpaca is that it contains no lanolin, so it is essentially hypoallergenic. Another incredible thing about Alpaca wool is that it isn't necessarily any more expensive than other high end wools such as cashmere.

Sweater Pant and Ballet Sweater with Edison Wrap Scarf Ballet Sweater and Sweater Pant
Ballet Sweater, Sweater Pant, and Edison Poncho

Sweater Pant, Ballet Sweater, Edison Wrap, and Filbert Bag


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