Our 2017 Holiday Wish List

While we're so honored to have earned a spot on your holiday wish lists this year, believe it or not, we have a wish list of our own! This year has been a trying year, to say the least, and we work so tirelessly every day to find our customers the most ethical style powerhouses. These brands give back, empower, and stand up for those in need, the marginalized, and the voiceless. The environment, our innocent animals, and our hard workers are at the tops of their priorities and they refuse to settle for anything less then their humane, fair, and cruelty free treatment. 

While we have our goals set for the future, these are our hopes for consumerism as a whole. We can't force everyone to see the benefits of conscious consumerism, but we sure as hell can make our voices heard by those willing to listen. So that all being said, here is our Holiday Wish List, items in no particular order, for us, for you, for anyone willing to take a few minutes of their day to learn about a better way to buy. Best wishes and all the love in the world, from the Joon + Co. team.

Opportunities for the Homeless

Jodie Dolan

Helping the homeless is something that most decent human beings agree is a worthwhile cause. However, when we see them in person, we look the other way, we offer advice, we lie about not having change, we make crude comments, as if they have chosen to live in that state. Since there are people making begging and pan handling more of a business than a charity now days, there are some ways to give back, knowing that your hard earned money will be going towards rehabilitation, training, food, water, and warm shelter this winter.




Shop the brand 34N118W at Joon + Co. The company, pronounced thirty-four North, One-Eighteen West), is an L.A. based brand that is dedicated to continuously creative design, sustainable and fair practices, and giving back to their local community. Their parent company's owner, Jodie Dolan, has founded the 501(c)(3) nonprofit, The Laundry Truck L.A. a mobile laundry truck that will service those in extreme need in the downtown and greater Los Angeles area.

Shop the 34N118W collection.
Shop the Community Driven Collection.


Help for Victims of Domestic Abuse

photo of Emily Bode by Leigh Ann Cobb

Brave GirlWhat could be worse than women being marginalized, quieted, segregated, as we've seen in our own country this year? Abuse - the thought that our bodies are not our own, that they are a piece of property rather than our own being, is one of the most gruesome, horrendous, and heinous thoughts a person can think. While the majority of domestic abuse victims are women and children, men are in no way excluded from these victims either. Let's help put a stop to this cycle and help the victims speak out, the offenders be held accountable, and the world to stand behind victims of domestic abuse.



Through Joon + Co.'s Artists Giving Back program, Brave Girl, Emily Bode, has designed 3 exclusive custom hand-lettered 8x10 prints that are the direct result of combining her passion for her design and her compassion for others well-being. 10% of all profits from her prints sold at Joon + Co. are donated directly to her charity of choice, the Bay Area Women's Center whose mission is to end domestic abuse. 

Shop the Artists Giving Back Collection.


A Safer Planet for Our Children

Joon + Co. | Alabama Chanin | Organic Cotton | Edison ScarfIt puts knots in my stomach thinking of the day that my children ask me why our generation and generations before have left the planet in the dire state that it's in. Since beginning this journey, many of my friends have stated that they can't afford to purchase products at this price point. That they'd rather shop for several "cute" pieces than invest in a single item, even it will last them decades rather than a few wears. Let's start setting a better example of how being aware of the state of our environment is simply not enough. Take action, if through volunteering, eating, shopping, etc. there are so many ways to help.


Our Sustainable Collection, featuring brands such as Hackwith Design House, Groceries Apparel, and Alabama Chanin. is one that focuses on the use of sustainable materials, minimizing waste, and creating a more conscious buying process. Joon + Co. uses over 90% completely bio-degradable, recycled materials for printing, packaging, and advertising. Eco-friendly is a term that goes hand-in-hand with sustainable, but we try to encompass a broader understanding of sustainability than solely the environment.

Shop the Sustainable Collection.


Putting an END to Unjust Labor Practices

Hackwith Design House FactoryWhile it's great that you can get 25 tank tops for $100 these days, the actual cost is much, much higher. If you haven't watched The True Cost (available on Netflix, ITunes, Amazon, and many more), take some time this holiday season and substitute your Stanger Things binge for a dose of reality that will have you rethinking your wardrobe for the New Year. There's NO REASON for workers to be in condemnable working conditions, earn pay that can't support an individual, much less a family, and having to risk their safety to provide us with clothing and accessories that are so cheap and poorly made that we over-consume and toss them out as if they're disposable.


Shop our Fair Trade Collection that focuses on companies enforcing fair labor practices within their organizations, suppliers, and even retailers. Joon + Co. practices fair trade within our company and we have goals to to push up the percentage of vendors that qualify, therefore expanding our Fair Trade Collection in 2018. For now though, companies like KowTow, Kristinit, and Ali Golden are some of the top contenders in our collection of fair brands.

Shop the Fair Trade Collection.


For Our Animals to Have a Voice

Leanne of Vaute Couture

Leanne of VauteWhile scrolling through pages and pages of adorable animals is fun, we think it's about time for our animals to have the voice the deserve. From war horses and watch dogs to food to companion animals, animals have always played a vital role in our lives, our safety, and our psychological health. Joon + Co. is not an exclusively vegan brand, but we understand and want to shed light upon the cruelty that our animals face from the fashion industry. The amount of people I know who can tell the difference between leather and vegan leather could be counted on a single hand. Vegan leather is more affordable, visually identical, and cruelty free alternative to traditional leather, and it's come a long way from its early, weird smelling, rubbery feeling past.


Angela Roi (handbags and accessories) and Vaute (outerwear) are two vegan brands that we carry that really challenge the fashion status quo. Outerwear and hand bags are typically two item categories definitely not known for their prioritization of animal well-being. Let's stop accepting the harm to our animals to make products that no longer require their fur, hides, or bodies in anyway, They feel pain, the feel emotions, and they need us to think of their own well-being as much as they help our own.

Shop the Vegan Collection.


Empowerment to American Companies Fighting Injustice

CP ShadesNow, more than ever in the USA, we need those with the ability to fight to have the empowerment to do so. Let's tell this country's leadership, those terrorizing our citizens, and those marginalizing groups whose greatest need is inclusion, that we WILL. NOT. STAND. for this. We are Americans, and our intentions, back to the beginning, stem from inclusion, freedom, and justice. However, even back to those early days, we've practiced racism, abuse, and bullying to the worst degree. It's time to stand up and show that American companies can have heart, strength, innovation, and will do everything we can to represent fairness and love. Let's stop this cycle of abuse of power. After all, with power, comes great responsibility. ;)


By purchasing from companies made in the USA, we are not only investing financially in our country, but empowering these designers, manufacturers, and suppliers to rise up and fight against injustice in our country. We believe in supporting local communities and brands like CP Shades (San Francisco), Spratters and Jayne (Brooklyn), and Imogene and Willie (Nashville) are all keeping design, production, and distribution local to the good ole' US of A.

Shop the Made in the USA Collection.

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