Mallory Feyen on Dancing, Self-Doubt, and Daring to Take the Leap

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Feyen is wearing The Sibella Top, Josette Jeans, Waffle Knit CardiganCrescent Lune Earrings, and Crescent Lune Necklace.

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Mallory is one of those people who, no matter what type of day you're having, has the ability to make you smile. She's tough as nails on the inside, but such a kind, warm person whose generosity show through from the moment you meet her. I first met her when I took a Pound class through Live.Dance.Move. that she was the instructor for. I love music and dancing, so it was a super fun class, but I just remember being so impressed with her instruction and dancing. You can tell she loves dancing, living life, and genuinely wants to help make a difference in your life. 

- Becky VandenBout, Owner of Joon + Co. - 

Joon + Co. Boss Babe - Mallory Feyen

Mallory Feyen, owner of Live.Dance.Move., a dance fitness company in Grand Rapids, MI, is taking business ownership to a new level by combining her past experience in fitness instruction, entrepreneurship, and exercise health with her passion for holistic health. She has been a fitness instructor for 6 years, and a business owner for 2 years, and has just recently started up her new business, Holistic Health with Mallory. She's a Certified Natural Health Educator, and she's on her way to becoming a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine.

Joon + Co. Boss Babe - Mallory FeyenWhile graceful women like Feyen make being an entrepreneur look easy (trust us all, it's not.) underneath must lie someone tough as nails, relentless as these lake effect winters we get here in Michigan, with an unwavering faith in themselves and their abilities. In every entreprenuer's journey, there are ups, downs, and times when you doubt the very ground you're standing on. There is nothing that will shine light upon the true, deep-down-darkest-places-inside-you like owning your own business will. There is also nothing that will show what you are truly capable of like entrepreneurship will. It's all sunshine and rainbows for very, very few, successful business owners out there, and for everyone else, there is a long road ahead of successes, failures, more failures, and ...yes, even more failures. This is what separates the girls from the women though. How one handles the ups and downs of business ownership says so much about them on both a professional and personal level.

For me, the toughest thing I have been learning is how to have the confidence in myself to begin new adventures, and to gain the courage to step out of my shell and be uncomfortable for a bit in order to achieve what I want, and to do what I'm passionate about, trusting the process and having faith that things will come about and manifest when they are supposed to.

Doubt can often be a business owner's worst enemy, but faith in oneself can almost always overpower and dissuade feelings of doubt. When asked what gets her out of bed in the morning, Feyen replied, "Knowing I get to take more steps to create things I'm passionate about and to see how many people I can make smile! But really, coffee."

Joon + Co. Boss Babe - Mallory Feyen

She's no stranger to success, or to the amount of work it takes to achieve your dreams. With a lifelong passion of dance fitness and empowering women to reach for their dreams, she has established a network all over West Michigan, offering free public classes in amazing outdoor settings, teaching a variety of styles of dance workouts - so fun that you literally forget you're exercising, and heading up the WERQ style dance fitness classes by becoming the first West Michigan WERQ brand representative. Feyen's vision for the future isn't any less ambitious.

[In the future] I hope to have an established naturopathic business where I am seeing clients as well as hosting classes, seminars, and workshops for the community. Also, ideally, I would love to have my dance and fitness studio space connected to my holistic health space to incorporate them together.

Joon + Co. Boss Babe - Mallory Feyen

With health and fitness at the forefront of Feyen's passions, fair trade and sustainable practices play a huge role in the choices she makes around her lifestyle. Like many people, the consequences of a world of Fast Fashion have reached a tipping point in her world. She elaborates with how her values identify with what Joon + Co. stands for: caring for our planet, its people, and its animals.

Sustainability is a very important thing for me and I've become less and less tolerant of fast fashion; the poor working conditions, unethical practices, and products made from toxic chemicals. I aim to support companies that focus on eco-friendly options that support their communities and employ fair and sustainable practices. I believe that the source of the clothing we are wearing is just as important as the source of the food we are eating.

Joon + Co. Boss Babe - Mallory Feyen

Feyen's style doesn't fit in a box, as it shouldn't, and is comprised of current trends, sophisticated chic, and with just a sprinkle of boho mixed in. With regards to some of her favorites at Joon + Co., she says, "Well, in the photo shoot I wore the Sibella top which was a dream! It's comfy, the color is gorgeous and the velvet is so soft and lightweight. I also really liked the Rise Tunic paired with skinny jeans (why hello, Josette Jeans!). I would accessorize with the Crescent Lune earrings and necklace and the Morning Crossbody purse." 

With Feyen's style being as impressive as her resume, she's got the brains and heart to back it all up. She often encourages women of all ages and life stages to pursue a career or adventure in whatever they are most passionate about. 

I'm extremely passionate about making sure girls and women know that they should not take no for an answer when pursing the thing that brings them the greatest joy. Women should always fight for equality and know that if they dream it, they can achieve it. 

 Joon + Co. Boss Babe - Mallory Feyen

Joon + Co. is on a mission to empower women and girls to really go for it, in life and through their style. It's so important to have the bravery to take that leap of faith, and truly believe you can accomplish whatever you dare to dream up.  Feyen supports these efforts wholeheartedly, "I love that the [Joon + Co.] Boss Babe campaign showcases what women in our community are doing and the amazing products and services they offer, which will hopefully then inspire others in the community to become involved with and support these Boss Babes' hard work."

Mallory has offered a FREE Live.Dance.Move. class to Joon + Co. subscribers who follow both Joon + Co.'s Facebook Page as well as Live.Dance.Move's Facebook Page and mention this article.

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Joon + Co. Boss Babe - Mallory Feyen

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