Sustainability, Independence, and Selling Real Estate

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Hanna is such a humble and kind person. She's very welcoming and is so easy to be around - that go-to person at the party where you know nobody, who makes you feel right at home. I first met Hanna when my husband and I were purchasing a house a ways back, and she was the administrative assistant and a realtor for the firm we went through. Since then, she's become an independent agent, broker, and now runs her own company, Riley Dean Properties. Her laugh is contagious and you can see what a kind person she is from the way she interacts with others. She has the smarts to achievte whatever she dreams up, and is definitely making waves in the West Michigan community.

- Becky VandenBout, Owner of Joon + Co. - 

Hanna Partlo is an entrepreneur, real estate agent, broker, and one of the kindest, warmest people you'll ever meet. She's intelligent, independent, and truly a joy to be around. Partlo became licensed as a real estate salesperson in 2012 and started working independently in 2015, obtaining her broker's license in November 2017. Through her hard work and dedication, she's accomplished an impressive amount since graduating from Grand Valley State University with her Bachelor of Business Administration.

Hanna Partlo | Joon + Co. Boss Babe

Partlo is unlike a lot of other successful professionals in a few ways. She's so very humble. As impressive as her resume is, she's really quite shy about talking herself up, which is a rare trait to find in people these days. She's also so fun to be around, whether just chatting, working, doesn't matter. She makes the world such a happy place for those around her that you do feel quite honored to have her as a friend. She isn't the "million miles an hour, you've got 30 minutes" type, she takes the time to get to know you and actually listen to who she's talking to. When asked what awards she's received, she replied first with, "My favorite recognition tokens are thank you notes from my clients, I keep them all," before mentioning her awards, which definitely says a lot about the type of person she is.

Hanna Partlo | Joon + Co. Boss Babe

Don't let her kind and warm demeanor fool you though. This is one tough chica. She graduated from Grand Valley State University with a Bachelor of Business Administration in 2012 and within 5 years after, she's become a licensed real estate agent, broker, and business owner. In 2016, she was named the Grand Rapids' Association of Realtor's Young Professional of the Year, and soon after, she started on her entrepreneurial journey, creating her brand, Riley Dean Properties, from scratch. 

Ownership is one of the toughest lessons I've learned as an entrepreneur and leader. Ownership in relying on only my own skills, knowledge, and intuition. Even more importantly, ownership of my mistakes. We all make them, the sooner we can address them, the better for everyone.

Hanna Partlo | Joon + Co. Boss Babe

Hanna PartloThrough all of the hardships of owning a business, the entrepreneurial spirit is one that prevails through the journey. It stems from combining a dream, ambition, vision, and good ole fashioned hard work to culminate in that dream becoming reality. What a journey Partlo's last 5 years have been, and she has even more ambitious goals for the future. Within the next 5 years she hopes to be, "doing more of the same by working with a select 35 home buyers and sellers a year, donating 200 hrs/yr to local organizations, continuing the "labors of love" on old houses in need, and promoting walkability/sustainable transportation in Grand Rapids, MI."
Sustainability is so important to me. Much to my friends' chagrin, I will walk wherever possible which is generally under a 2 mile radius. This year I got a bike to expand my radius and speed up travel times. I also aim to run my business as paperless as possible while minimizing my carbon footprint by making my office mobile. Also, the emphasis on Local/Community/Diversity in understanding that we are stronger together than divided and that a rising tide lifts all boats- that's what community in real estate is all about!

Hanna Partlo | Joon + Co. Boss Babe

Hanna Partlo | Joon + Co. Boss BabeLeadership and independence are two factors that play a large role in Partlo's day to day life. She elaborates by saying, "It's hard to describe the freedom that comes with the independence of being your own boss. Being able to turn down a difficult client or job, move mountains for the people who deserve it, and all the smaller decisions in between...ownership is tough, but knowing you aren't relying on a single person to determine your future is the most amazing feeling, which every person deserves to feel at least once in their lives." Empowering her fellow-females and working towards equality and diversity in our communities is high on Partlo's list of passions as well.

My hopes for the Joon + Co. Boss Babe campaigns are to create Inspiration and awareness for others in finding their niche and digging into their own community of go-getters. To work towards (and ultimately, achieve) the infinite possibilities that come from being an entrepreneur.

Partlo is typically drawn to, "classic pieces that have one unexpected detail" and is a total sucker for luxurious fabrics. When asked what her favorite Joon + Co. items were, she replied, "I love the print: 'If you have everything you need, build a longer table not a higher fence,' and another favorite of mine are the Laos Dome Earrings. It's amazing to me when people take ordinary things and make them into works of art, so the these earrings, made of bombs, are glorious to me."

Hanna Partlo | Joon + Co. Boss Babe

We're so honored to feature Hanna in our Boss Babe Campaign, and there's nobody better to wrap up the Winter Boss Babe series (Yes, that means there are more coming!) than her. We look forward to following along with her journey, as well as the other Boss Babes featured in this series, as well as bring you more boss babe content come Mother's Day (think awesome #bossbabe mamas), so stay tuned!



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