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Hoffman is wearing the Split Hem Top, Odyssey Pant, Laos Dome Earrings, and Sterling Silver Leaf Bangle 

"I first met Kara when I started working at Envoy Platform (formerly Appropos)as a software developer. She was in the photography group, so we didn't have much time or work in common, but she struck me as a particularly kind person right off the bat. She's a working mother of two, and if that doesn't say enough about how much is on her plate, she's quite the boss babe on top of it. Kara's official title is Photography Director at Envoy Platform, supervising a team of photographers and project managers. She looks healthy, vibrant, and has a kind word to say. Kara made an extra effort to welcome me to the team, and also to the intense journey of motherhood. We chatted at company events about children, what it means in this day in age to be a working mother, and how important finding a working mom tribe (and hanging onto them for dear life) is."

-  Becky VandenBout, Owner of Joon + Co. -

Kara Hoffman of Envoy Platform with for Joon + Co.

Hoffman has been working at Envoy Platform since July, 2013, and is a vital part of their content services team leadership. Envoy is a B2B portal that’s branded to its customers and driven by their stories, delivering a content and commerce focused B2B experience. Hoffman is a problem solver by nature.

Kara Hoffman at Envoy Platform for Joon + Co.

I love solving problems. I might complain about it, but really, that feeling you get when you solve a problem, when you create a workflow that saves time and money - that’s what gets me out of bed.

With a B.F.A. in fine and studio arts, years of creative experience in both training and implementing photography content services, she's an obvious choice for her current position. She loves her job, and appreciates any opportunities to learn new things, whether it be photography tools or leadership skills. 

With a self described style of, "Casual, cozy, thrown-together, Devil-may-care," she was naturally drawn to our waffle knit cardigan and gold leaf scarf, "warm and cozy is key," she says.

With transparency comes trust and knowledge and allows someone to make informed and responsible decisions. I love that and so appreciate brands doing the right thing for their customers as well as the environment.

With so many customers who appreciate the same things as Hoffman, in 2018, Joon + Co. is dedicated to providing categorical pricing transparency for 20% of our items, 100% within the next 5 years. It's Hoffman's job to showcase the very best side of every product Envoy's customers send them while relaying true and accurate information about the product details, make, and origin. Envoy works with companies like Converse and See Kai Run as an all-inclusive B2B sales and content solution.

Kara Hoffman of Envoy Platform for Joon + Co.

Hoffman is passionate about empowering women both in the workplace and as mothers. Finding mom-friends and a support system who understand the compassion, dedication, and emotional, physical, and mental endurance required to have a full time career as well as a family is one of the hardest things working mothers deal with. Even harder yet, finding those who love their career and understand the need to compartmentalize life without letting family or career life envelope your entire being. The lack of realistic maternity leave policies, equal pay, household help from partners, birth control coverage, female-friendly environments and outings, and opportunities for growth and empowerment are all factors that are already working against many working mothers. The fact that the majority of households with a husband and wife are still quite imbalanced when it comes to household chores, child rearing, and family planning doesn't help either. 

kara Hoffman of Envoy Platform for Joon + Co.

When asked, "In what way(s) are you passionate about empowering young women to follow suit and one day be a bosslady of their own?" Hoffman replied, "I think just spreading knowledge of the types of jobs and work that are out there can help young women see what is possible. To my experience, there’s plenty of talent but sometimes a lack of understanding opportunity. Building confidence in young women can help marry the two, because frankly, a driven woman can build companies and move mountains in ways that men cannot." Compassion, emotional intelligence, and empathy are all traits that many females are raised to have and are tools that provide infinite advantages over male counter-parts. This is not a man vs. woman thing, but more, a case of female empowerment. Gone are the days of needing a man for financial support. Gone are the days of bucket lists and side-gigs stagnating in the back of our minds. Gone are the days of limits simply because of female gender. Let's rise up and show the world what power we have and how we can move the world forward with equality rather than bias, with compassion rather than ignorance, and with love rather than hate.


Kara Hoffman


Split Hem TopOdyssey PantSterling Silver Leaf BangleLaos Dome Earrings

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