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Devin DuMond is first, and foremost an artist. After that she’s a mother. Then a business owner, entrepreneur, woman empowerment/connector and general bad-ass. She is kind and humble andalways smiling. But spend more than 10 minutes with her and you’ll know this woman means business.

A graduate of Kendall College with a degree in Illustration, Devin is not only a life-long learner but educator. She was a professor at Kendall College for 7 years before moving onto her own business, Hatch, where she continues to educate the community on branding, InDesign, social media and other creative services. Hatch was “Hatched” in 2016 and is a joint venture between Devin and her husband, Jason.

Devin Dumond - Hatch Creative Services | Joon + Co. Boss Babe - Mom Edition

“The idea for Hatch came about after having my daughter. I started doing more freelance work because I was a mom and didn’t want a full-time job. I don’t know why it took me so long to realize that I was good at taking people’s ideas and figuring out how to bring them to life. When Jason left his job we really got rolling.”

It’s no secret that working with your spouse can be a challenge. Part of that challenge is being open with each other and accepting of business decisions that aren’t a reflection on each other as a person. The success of Hatch really started to shift when Devin decided to bring more of her own personality into the brand which meant that Jason’s role became more of background support. Eventually, this turned into a solution that not only helped their business succeed but their relationship as working parents.

Devin Dumond - Hatch Creative Services | Joon + Co. Boss Babe - Mom Edition

“Work really is our life. Mostly because I’m trying to grow the business faster than it would naturally. Patience is a virtue. Finding time is a challenge because the way we are currently set-up we both work from home. My daughter will be right outside of my door and I can hear her and keeping that focus (not feeling guilty for wanting work) is such a challenge. Being ok with the fact that I’m going to work and invest a lot of time in my career, but still be a great mom has been a learning curve. I want my children to grow up with the same strong woman in their life that I had in mine."

"Jason takes more of the parenting to allow me to do more. He likes working but he doesn’t have the same drive I do. He takes care of all of us, he makes sure I take breaks to eat and gives the kids baths. I’m very thankful for him. He knows that me succeeding is us succeeding.”

Devin Dumond - Hatch Creative Services | Joon + Co. Boss Babe - Mom Edition

If running one business wasn’t enough, Devin joined up with Deb of Snap Studios to launch SHEventsSHEvents is all about celebrating and empowering women in business. These community centered events are about motivating, inspiring and education one another. SHEvents honors personal and professional growth and success and creates networking opportunities for local women.

“Right now, SHEvents is really focused on creating the community of women in business and creating networking events. We’ve found that Grand Rapids desperately wanted and needed it. There is so much incredible talent in the city and we all need to connect together. We started the GRBoss Babes Facebook group and everyday people are posting that they own this business and want to connect with people. Eventually, we will offer complete branding services that will include headshots through Snap Studio.”

Devin Dumond - Hatch Creative Services | Joon + Co. Boss Babe - Mom Edition

Unlike most busy business owner/working moms, Devin is incredibly easy to talk to. She’s open and friendly and willing to offer advice to anyone who crosses her path. Her cool girl style has always labeled her as “an outsider” but in our eyes she’s beautifully one of a kind. “The way I have looked throughout my life has been different. I’ve been wearing combat boots since I was 12. I primarily wear black. Grey, to me, is a color. That much hasn’t changed.” For a woman who loves black and grey, Devin isn’t afraid to play with color. One scroll through her Instagram and you’ll see her fabulous pink pixie cut, a bold hairstyle most of us would be too afraid to try.

But, that’s what makes Devin so...Devin. She’s a risk taker and willing to plunge herself into the waters of business ownership instead of just dipping a toe in. Even when that decision came at the exact same time she became pregnant with their second child.

Devin Dumond - Hatch Creative Services | Joon + Co. Boss Babe - Mom Edition

“I always knew I was going to be a mom but I didn’t know I was going to be a business owner. I knew it was a risk starting Hatch with a little child and another one on the way. But, if there is a motivation to get your hustle on it’s being a mom. My mom is a graphic designer and I grew up watching her doing what I’m doing now. She rented her own space and was always at home working. She’s a huge inspiration for me. Without her ever trying she taught me everything I know today. Mom’s are just...awesome.”

Devin Dumond - Hatch Creative Services | Joon + Co. Boss Babe - Mom Edition Devin Dumond - Hatch Creative Services | Joon + Co. Boss Babe - Mom Edition Devin Dumond - Hatch Creative Services | Joon + Co. Boss Babe - Mom Edition

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