34N118W- A Brand Driven by Community and Creativity

Clothes thatlookput together, butfeelstay-at-home are the ones worth investing in. You know, like the pair of pants that look classy and could be the staple to a date night look, but are as comfortable as your pajamas. Named after the geographical coordinates of L.A.’s vibrant Arts District as well as their headquarters,  34N118W (thirty-four North, one-eighteen West) makes attire fit for the everyday woman on-the-go who wants closet essentials that are as unique as they are comfortable. Not to mention, they’re ethically made with minimal waste, and donate their time and a portion of their profits to charities across Los Angeles. Being community driven, ethically made, and made in the U.S.A. is what makes the unique brand that is34N118W (34N for short) a part of our collection here at Joon + Co. 

34N 118W | Joon + Co.

34N is owned by their parent company calledDolan Group, which is named after the owner Jodie Dolan. Jodie Dolan founded the Dolan Group in 2004 with a mission to create socially responsible, casual luxury apparel. After more than a decade of dedicating herself to this mission, Dolan wanted to do more with her brand. She wanted her brand to be directly involved in making a positive change on the LA community.

Following an interaction she had with a homeless woman, Dolan felt compelled to donate her time to a charity that aids the homeless community in Los Angeles. She overheard someone talking about the Midnight Mission which feeds the homeless every night of the week. After volunteering her time there for months and months, Dolan founded her own non-profit called theLaundry Truck LA. The Laundry Truck LA is a mobile laundry truck that services those in extreme need. The truck is outfitted with several sets of washers and dryers, enabling the homeless people of LA to walk away with a clean set of clothes. Dolan launched the non-profit in September of 2017, and is raising money so that by early 2018 the truck will be up and running.

In addition to contributing their time and a portion of their profits toLaundry Truck LAand other charities,34N aims to make their clothes as ethically made as possible. They seek out factories with like-minded morals in creating ethical goods, and have more than livable wages for their workers. By 2019, their goal is to phase out all synthetic fibers and have 100% of their clothes made out of natural fibers. To reduce waste,34N has eco-friendly and recyclable packaging and leftover fabric is repurposed into new textiles and art installations, and is also given to local schools.

34N 118W | Joon + Co.

“Our search for like-minded partners has led us a few blocks away to knits and denim experts in Los Angeles, all the way to fabric mills in France, tailors in Portugal, and silk experts in Shanghai, China. No matter who we work with, we champion for the same high standards that we practice in our Los Angeles studio: better than average wages for top notch talent, and nurturing and mentoring individuals (men and women of all backgrounds) to achieve their dreams.”

  Joon +Co is proud to carry items from this ethical andcommunity drivenbrand. We love the difference34N118W is making in the Los Angeles community by creating sustainable, and chic clothes that will last you years to  come.



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