Designer Profile: Kowtow

Kowtow is a sustainable fashion company based in New Zealand, and is quickly becoming an ethical fashion industry leader. Their rock solid ethics, backed by more certifications than we can name, go from seed to garment. With modern yet timeless style and an international following, Kowtow is one of the top ethical brand worldwide sold at Joon + Co.

Becky VandenBout: Former Engineer, Mother, and Owner of Joon + Co.

“The hardest thing to accomplish as a mom and a boss babe is balance. Balancing it all can seem impossible, but I’ve learned that doing my best has to be enough because that’s all I have to give.”

5 Positive Effects of Giving Up Fast Fashion

Let's tell the fashion industry that we're sick of child labor, we won't tolerate plastic clothes that will take centuries to biodegrade, and we don't give our money to companies who show such disregard for the planet, its people, and its animals. Let's be the change and stop waiting for others to take the reins. It's our chance to make history, and our change to change the world.

Welcoming Sustainable Fashion Brand Jungle Folk to Lineup

We're so so so excited to welcome Jungle Folk to our sustainable fashion brand lineup. Based in Zürich, Switzerland, Jungle Folk is an ethical fashion brandslow fashion label created by owner and designer, Pauline Treis, a beautiful soul. Changing the world is hard work. Changing the fashion industry? Even harder. Jungle Folk is helping us to do both in a sustainable, luxurious, and most of all beautiful way.

How to Responsibly Transition to an Eco-Friendly Wardrobe

Spring is here, and that means women everywhere are cleaning out their wardrobes to make room for new recruits. There's just something about this time of year that makes it a great time to refresh our routines, get a zillion new hair styles, and of course, clean out the old, outdated, or damaged pieces of clothing from our closet. One of the questions I get asked the most is how to start becoming more eco-friendly with respect to fashion choices.

34N118W- A Brand Driven by Community and Creativity

From their laid-back luxe, on-trend style to founding a non-profit and donating their time and proceeds to charities across Los Angeles, 34N118W is the brand that has it all.

Our 2017 Holiday Wish List

While we're so honored to have earned a spot on your holiday wish lists this year, believe it or not, we have a wish list of our own! This year has been a trying year, to say the least, and we work so tirelessly every day to find our customers the most ethical style powerhouses. These brands give back, empower, and stand up for those in need, the marginalized, and the voiceless. So here is our Holiday Wish List, items in no particular order, for us, for you, for anyone willing to take a few minutes of their day to learn about a better way to buy.

The Slow Fashion Movement: What it is and Why You Should Care

If you aren't familiar with the terms fast fashion vs. slow fashion, here's a crash course. Educate yourself, educate others, and live a lifestyle that you can feel good about because every purchase we make is a choice.

How to Shop Sustainably Online

Tips from 4 Top Ethical Bloggers

Behno: A Super Luxe, Community Based Brand

An Introduction to Ethical Fashion: What Makes an Item Ethical?