Designer Profile: Kowtow

Kowtow is a sustainable fashion company based in New Zealand, and is quickly becoming an ethical fashion industry leader. Their rock solid ethics, backed by more certifications than we can name, go from seed to garment. With modern yet timeless style and an international following, Kowtow is one of the top ethical brand worldwide sold at Joon + Co.

Becky VandenBout: Former Engineer, Mother, and Owner of Joon + Co.

“The hardest thing to accomplish as a mom and a boss babe is balance. Balancing it all can seem impossible, but I’ve learned that doing my best has to be enough because that’s all I have to give.”

The Importance of Creativity, Compassion, and Education in Building a Strong Sense of Community

"Being ok with the fact that I’m going to work and invest a lot of time in my career, but still be a great mom has been a learning curve. I want my children to grow up with the same strong woman in their life that I had in mine."

A Cali Girl turned Midwest Transplant Brings Conscious Living to her Parenting, Photography, and Community

"A lot of moms make the decision to freelance because it allows more flexibility and time to juggle being a parent. To that I say find support and find a community. And, let me connect you to all the people!"

Jenna Rice on Being a Makeup Artist, Mother, and Cruelty-Free Shop Owner

“The hardest thing about being a working mother is mom guilt. I feel guilty that I’m not making the cupcakes for a school event. But I also feel guilty if I’m not at the store running my business."

One Badass Businesswoman, Mother, and Artist - Hannah Berry

“As a working mom and business owner I get to tailor my day. That drove me towards opening my own space. Nobody can tell me no about bringing my kid with me. And my space is always accessible for other people's kids.”

Welcoming Sustainable Fashion Brand Jungle Folk to Lineup

We're so so so excited to welcome Jungle Folk to our sustainable fashion brand lineup. Based in Zürich, Switzerland, Jungle Folk is an ethical fashion brandslow fashion label created by owner and designer, Pauline Treis, a beautiful soul. Changing the world is hard work. Changing the fashion industry? Even harder. Jungle Folk is helping us to do both in a sustainable, luxurious, and most of all beautiful way.

How Mindfulness, Minimalism, and Intentional Living Have the Power to Change the Way we Consume

"I was ready, and yes…waiting, for that big moment. I expected my average life to fade into the background and this big moment to carry me away into some new reality like a boat out to sea. But then one day I woke up and decided to stop waiting. I let go of the life I thought I should have and started to focus on the one I was walking through, each day, morning to night. Truthfully, this normal, simple, day-to-day life is beautiful on its own without all the cars, little black dresses, and big, life changing moments."

Sustainability, Independence, and Selling Real Estate

"Ownership is one of the toughest lessons I've learned as an entrepreneur and leader. Ownership in relying on only my own skills, knowledge, and intuition. Even more importantly, ownership of my mistakes. We all make them, the sooner we can address them, the better for everyone."

34N118W- A Brand Driven by Community and Creativity

From their laid-back luxe, on-trend style to founding a non-profit and donating their time and proceeds to charities across Los Angeles, 34N118W is the brand that has it all.

Mallory Feyen on Dancing, Self-Doubt, and Daring to Take the Leap

"For me, the toughest thing I have been learning is how to have the confidence in myself to begin new adventures, and to gain the courage to step out of my shell and be uncomfortable for a bit in order to achieve what I want, and to do what I'm passionate about, trusting the process and having faith that things will come about and manifest when they are supposed to."

Molly Batchik On Food, Finesse, and Having Faith in Yourself

"We are taught from a young age to tear down other women instead of building them up, but it makes it so much harder for us to have success that way. I've carried that spirit into my own work and my interactions with my friends daughters, my younger sister, and the young women in my life. We are better working together and empowering each other to be strong, brave, and true to our convictions."

Cori Williams On Owning a Business, Leading a Team, and Inspiring Future Generations

"I am so passionate about empowering young women! I think its important to teach young women that dreams are always possible. And to dream BIG. If you work hard enough, long enough, and persevere you can have success - but you’ve got to be willing to WORK."

Kara Hoffman: Photography Director, Working Mom, Problem Solver

I love solving problems. I might complain about it, but really, that feeling you get when you solve a problem, when you create a workflow that saves time and money - that’s what gets me out of bed.

2018 New Year's Resolutions

We've been working hard to gear up for 2018. New Year's is one of our favorite holidays because it wipes the slate clean, freshening and renewing our commitments with the dazzling light of new possibility. What was old suddenly seems new again, and after all of the overconsumption that goes on around Christmas, we really focus on improving ourselves through New Year's resolutions. Here are ours, and if we have anything to say about it, it's going to be a BIG year for us. 

Joon + Co. Artists Giving Back - Emily Bode

'Tis the season for giving, and we're so excited to announce the launch of our Artists Giving Back program. We partner with local artists and donate 10% of our profits from those items to the cause or charity of their choosing.

Behno: A Super Luxe, Community Based Brand