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jungle folk: proof that you don't have to sacrifice ethics for style

We're so so so excited to welcome Jungle Folk to our sustainable fashion brand lineup. Based in Zürich, Switzerland, Jungle Folk is an ethical fashion brand, slow fashion label created by owner and designer, Pauline Treis, a beautiful soul. Not only has she prioritized the environment, animals, and artisans in the construction and sourcing of her garments, but she has held those standards throughout the development of her brand and refused to lower her standards.

One of the things we look for in our brands is that the good they do in the world is through teaching, training, and promoting independence of those in need. Jungle Folk is no exception, as they focus on propelling social change, "through business, not aid." Changing the world is hard work. Changing the fashion industry? Even harder. We've become so accustomed to instant gratification, clothing that is so cheap, it's practically disposable, and an "out of sight, out of mind" way of thinking, and we call BS. Let's stop this cycle and get back to the roots of fashion - to cover our bodies and express ourselves. Jungle Folk is helping us to do both in a sustainable, luxurious, and most of all beautiful way.


Jungle Folk is a clean, modern line with impeccable tailoring. The label utilizes global artisans and ancient techniques to give birth to breathtakingly beautiful pieces - all sustainably made and responsibly sourced. Through a dedication to the preservation of our beautiful planet to the love for the communities and people involved, this line is making a difference all over the world. They keep their quantities limited, as does Joon + Co. to reduce waste and to emphasize the reward in finding truly one of a kind pieces to wear forever. 

Jungle Folk employs artisans and sewers globally. Many in Medelin, Colombia, Banja Luka, Bosnia, and Kerala, India. These local artisans, sewers, growers, and trandes folk have perfected ancient techniques, are learning and fine-tuning their craft, and of those employed in Colombia, are mostly female head of households, and helps them to gain skills and support their families. By investing in people, rather than things, the change her brand makes last longer, helps more people, and creates a ripple effect of positive change in the universe.

The garments and accessories are comprised ONLY of sustainable materials, certified organic fabrics, and recycled materials that have a positive impact on the environment. Living intentionally and being conscious consumers is so important, and we're thrilled to find more and more designers moving their sustainable fashion collections and slow fashion lines in this direction.

We dream of a world where physical and practical needs stand above materialistic desires.

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Jungle Folk - The Divya Jumpsuit | Joon + Co. Sustainable Fashion Brand Introduction


However, the first thing you notice about Jungle Folk isn't their amazing founder or their jam-packed ethics, it's the clothes. That's the business after all, right? So let's dive into their aesthetic a bit. Modern, quite tailored, and impeccably made. The pieces not only look luxurious, they feel like true luxury. From the crisp, coolness of their 100% GOTS Certified organic linen from Belgium to their insanely soft (we have very high softness standards at Joon + Co.) 100% baby alpaca wool knitwear sourced (where else?) in the Andes and made in Lima.

The styles are timeless, modern, and are designed to stand alone, not follow the typical fashion calendar or trends. By focusing on quality, sustainability, and longevity of design, the pieces are true works or art, with a global interpretation of modern, timeless design.



Talk about luxe - this line is truly sophisticated without losing the fun and creativity that comes with global-inspired design. From 100% GOTS Certified organic cotton to Peace Silk (no worms harmed in the making - hellooooo butterflies!), to baby alpaca wool straight from the Alpes. These materials, even down to the GOTS Certifed pearls for buttons are so so luxurious that we are totally obsessed.

As far as the fits go, the modern cuts are pure perfection, sitting lightly on your curves rather than being tight or too constraining. The textures of the fabrics used are to-die-for and the warm-weather pieces are uber-breathable. Vaca anyone? These pieces are just as ready for errands and kids' soccer practice as they are brunch with the girls and date night.

Jungle Folk Founder Pauline Treis | Style Notes Blog | Joon + Co. Sustainable Fashion Brand

photo c/o: Style Notes


The founder, Pauline Treis, was born in Munich, Germany, but grew up in and currently resides in Switzerland. We're so proud to have Jungle Folk as a part of the Joon + Co. family and to be expanding our global offerings. She's a board member of the Fashion Revolution and runs her studio from Zürich.

During a trip to Columbia - inspired by the breathtaking landscapes and ancient, artisanal knowledge and techniques, the Jungle Folk brand was born. Designer, and founder Treis created a community-based brand comprised of global artisans in 2013. Only sustainable made and sourced materials as well as recycled ones are used such as organic cotton, linen, silk, and wool.

Treis travels regularly to each location where she sources materials or hires workers to ensure proper working conditions, treatment of animals, and to meet the artisans creating her masterpieces. She doesn't work with middlemen, and actually knows the people working on her garments. 


With a mix of timeless designs, 100% transparent, ethical production, and a badass female founder to boot, we are total fangirls for this brand (why else would be carrying it?). Check out the pieces, the founder (definitely going to have a future post dedicated to this amazing woman!), and let us know what you think! We're all ears when it comes to what our customers think about our vendors and the designs we carry. You're why we're running this business after all.

Visit Jungle Folk on the web, in person, on Instagram, and of course, shop the Jungle Folk collection at Joon + Co.

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