your good matters

You want to do good in the world, but when you try be a conscious consumer or find the best way to give back, you're hit with industry lingo, confusing certifications, conflicting opinions, and - oh wait - *loudspeaker voice* that's all the time we have folks because dinner isn't going to make itself.

We're overwhelmed with what to buy, where to go, how to live kindly and impactfully. Most people don't have an excess of time and energy to do the research, and there is a lot of information out there, which makes it difficult to know what to believe. That's where I come in.

think of me as your Gandolf

...but with better hair.    more about me

I am not here to make your problems disappear or change your path for you. You will have to make an effort.
I am here to give you tools, resources, advice, and community to help you create a lifestyle aligned with your values.
Before we can get to the world changing, it helps to identify the problem and put a name to our masked villain.

I call it ethical overwhelm...and man, does it suck.

When you want to do good, but you don't have enough time or energy and feel confused, frustrated, guilty, or hopeless, you're experiencing ethical overwhelm, and you are very much not alone. It can manifest in many forms, and feel like you're living in a hamster wheel. If you have a desire to do good in the world, and you can relate to any of the following statements, you've most likely experienced ethical overwhelm.

Sound familiar? Welcome to a community that understands. Now, the question is, together, what can we do about it?

you be the hero - I'll be your guide

This is your story, after all. However, challenges are rarely overcome by heroes who work alone.
I'll be the Alfred to your Batman, the Yoda to your Luke.
And like all good guides, I like to have a plan.

the plan

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